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SMART Response

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SMART Response Quick Reference Guides



Setting up Your Class with SMART Response

Creating an Assessment with SMART Response

Delivering an Assessment with SMART Response

Evaluating Results with SMART Response



Asking Instant Questions Using SMART Response (copied from SMART Tech Help Site)


Use the Instant Question feature to introduce the SMART Response interactive response system to your students. Instant questions are individual questions you ask spontaneously—they aren't part of an assessment. When you use the Instant Questions feature, you’re unable to type a question or assign a correct answer.

You can ask an instant question verbally, write or type it on an interactive whiteboard and add objects directly onto the SMART Notebook page.



Make sure that you start your class and that all students are connected before you ask instant questions.

To ask individual questions using the Instant Question feature

  1. Click the SMART Response icon in the Windows notification area or the Mac menu bar, and then select Open Notebook Software.

    A blank SMART Notebook page appears.

  2. Click Insert Question on the toolbar.


    If Insert Question isn't on the toolbar, you can right-click the toolbar and add it.

  3. Click one of the Instant Question buttons.

    The Instant Question dialog box appears asking whether you want to insert the question on this page or on a new page.

  4. Select one of the options.


    If you want to use the same option by default, select the Always perform this action option. You can change the default in the Preferences menu.

    A SMART Notebook page appears showing the possible answers to the question. The Response tab changes to Single Question, and the Progress button is selected.

    The question starts automatically and appears on the student's display.


    If you haven't started a class, a message appears asking you to select a class. Select a class, and then click Start Class.

  5. Present your question to the class.

  6. After all students answer the question, click Stop this question.

  7. To save the results, click Save .

    To add another question without clearing the results of the previous question, don't click Clear, and then repeat steps 2 to 5.



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