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ActivBoard Users Group Resources

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Welcome to the ActivBoard Users Group resources page. This is a place for you to find PDF documents and flipcharts to help you learn ActivInspire. The first link below will direct you to a page that contains links to all the flipcharts that the ActivBoard Users Group have created.




Click here to go to the ActivBoard Users Group flipcharts


Click here to go to the ActivBoard Users Group Website Links page


ActivInspire Special Keys 






ActivInspire Overview


ActivInspire Top Teaching Tips


Voting With ActivExpressions


Registering and Using ActiVotes in ActivInspire


Tips For Making Flipcharts


ActivInspire Labels & Containers.flipchart


Creating ActivInspire Revealer Tools


Click on this link for a magic eraser resource pack from Promethean Planet


Here is a great Wiki for ActivBoard users http://pcspromethean.wikispaces.com/. Check it out.


Presentations from April 1st Workshop

ActivInspire: Level I Presentation

ActivInspire: Level II Presentation

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